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Constitutional Law – Law: The Basic Concepts

Agnieszka Gajda, Anna Rytel-Warzocha, Piotr Uziębło

ISBN: 978-83-7865-591-6
Rok wydania: 2017
Liczba stron: 202
Format: 130 x 210 mm

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The leading constitutional principles discussed here fulfill a special function as a source of interpretative directives in relation to other legał norms; they often also constitute autonomous normative contents. They express fundamental values, long known, that constitute the basis of the constitutional structure of the Polish state, making up the characteristic qualities of that structure. In the view of the authors of this book, the analyses offered in this study should make it easier for its readers, above all those from abroad, to understand the constitutional and structural foundations of the functioning of the Polish Republic. They also aim to demonstrate what on one hand, is common to all contemporary democratic states, and what, on the other hand, constitutes the essential achievements of the doctrine of Polish constitutional law.


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