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Political and Social Consciousness of 18th Century Populance in Gdańsk on the Basis of the Gdańsk Book of Wheat Bread Journeyman Baker's Fraternity of 1724–1768

Zdzisław Kropidłowski

ISBN: 978-83-7865-586-2
Rok wydania: 2017
Liczba stron: 246
Format: B5

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We have the pleasure to present the work of Zdzisław Kropidłowski, the Head of the Department of Scientific Information and Bibliological Studies of the Universily of Kazimierz Wielki in Bydgoszcz. His research is mainly concerned wilh the 1th', 17th and 18lh centuries. Initially, he was involved in the history of Christian charity and social care, mainly in Gdańsk. Expanding the subject of research in chronological and  territorial terms, he developed the sludy of self-help activities in craft corporalions ot Gdańsk, Toruń and Elbląg from the 14th to
18th centuries. In the context of social history of Pomerania and the history of the Church, he also dealt with the materiał possessions of the parish, clergy and church service in the area of the deanery in Puck and in Royal Prussia, an importanl province of the Polish Kingdom.

Thanks to these historical works, he gained extensive knowledge needed for further research on bibliography of the library of the bakers' Corporation in Gdańsk. Among the preserved books there is an outstanding, beautifully illuslrated and rich in content book of manuscripts of the journeyman fraternity, titled: Einer lóblichen Bruderschafft derer Looji- und Kuchen-Bdcker-Gesetlert der Kóniglichen Stadt Dantzig,
Nahmens-Buch, Worinnen die, nach uberstandemn Lehr-Jahren, neu gewordene Gesełlen eingeschrieben werden, angefangen im Jahr Christi 1724.

It expresses the awareness of the middle class of Gdańsk society in the 18th century and was edited owing to the collective activity of bakers and painters in Gdańsk, who expressed their pro-Polish political views (though written in German), social consciousness
and bibliophilic passion adapled to the abilities of their environment.


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